What is FTranProjectBuilder For?

FTranProjectBuilder is an all-in-one programming environment (IDE) for developing and running Fortran programs on your Mac. 

Focus on your code. FTranProjectBuilder does the rest.

 Use it to:

  • Edit your code,
  • Compile with the compiler of your choice, and
  • Execute and view the output of your Fortran programs.

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Who is FTranProjectBuilder for?

FTranProjectBuilder is for scientists, engineers and students who want to spend their time getting results, not playing with the system.

What does FTranProjectBuilder have to speed up my programming?

  • Single window interface with built in Fortran editor
  • Handles compilation automatically
  • Project wide search
  • Autocomplete
  • Intrinsic function help
  • Shows procedure and variable declarations in place
  • Execution input from console or file
  • Errors and search results organized by file in an outline view. Jump to errors in any file.
  • Add files by drag and drop, or import an existing makefile

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What compilers does FTranProjectBuilder work with?

Use FTranProjectBuilder with any Mac Fortran compiler. You can have any or all compilers installed and switch between them from a pulldown menu.

Uncluttered views of your project

FTranProjectBuilder shows only what you want when you want it.  Make it look like a text editor with a source list. Show or hide compile and execute options. 

See the screenshots for how FTranProjectBuilder will simplify your Fortran development.

Built in Source Code Editor

FTranProjectBuilder's built in source code editor works like any other Mac text editor, but with features to make Fortran programming faster and more efficient.

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Leverages the Mac's UNIX tools so that you don't have to

FTranProjectBuilder manages dependencies, object and module files, program executable and a standard makefile for you. You spend your time working on your code. FTranprojectBuilder does the rest.

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