FTranProjectBuilder's built in source code editor

Select a file in your project and edit with FTranProjectbuilder's full-featured Fortran editor having:

  • Syntax coloring
  • Multiline comment/uncomment
  • Autocomplete
  • Auto upcasing of Fortran keywords as you type, if desired
  • User editable templates
  • Tab markers to jump to marked spots in the code
  • Auto alignment
  • User definable auto formatting of comment blocks.
  • One command matching of procedure names at beginning and end.
  • One command insertion of a real_kind type.
  • Autocomplete parentheses.
  • Popup menu showing current procedure being edited
  • A status bar showing current line, total number of lines, current line length, current column and selection length.
  • Bookmark bar for quick access to often edited files
  • Line numbers
  • And more!

Want to use your own external source code editor? You still can. Set your preferred editor in the preferences so that double clicking a file name in the source list will open the file in your favorite editor.

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