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Year Two in Review

It’s March, which means spring and our second year anniversary. I want to thank all of you for your support. Our FTranProjectbuilder is now used all over the world by programmers in the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Spain, China, Ireland, Taiwan, Israel, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Switzerland. …

Latex Tables from Fortran: Skipping the copy and paste step.

Creating tables in Latex can be a chore, especially when we have to copy and paste a lot of numbers. But since Latex files are only text, there is no reason why we can’t write formatted tables directly from Fortran programs.

I have written two short (380 lines total, including comments) Fortran classes to write Latex tables and have included them on my “

Free Fortran Code

Over the years I have written utility routines that I use in various programs, and the new features of F2003 have made the packaging of these even more suitable for sharing. So I’ve decided to put some of them up on this site on the new “

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