Delayed flight? Here’s what you can do

Delayed flights can be a real bummer but luckily you can survive as long as you know what to do at the airport. There are lots of things that one may do to keep themselves entertained – you just have to know what they are. To help you survive the wait, here are some ideas for you.

Kick Back and Relax

If you have access to the airport lounge, you should take full advantage of it by sitting in the comfy chairs and charging your devices there. They sometimes offer free drinks and food that you can grab and munch on while waiting. As comfy as it is, try not to fall asleep – you do not want to miss your flight that was already delayed.

Learn about Compensation

If you notice your flight delay is taking a long time and could have been avoided, then you have the right to get compensated. If your flight delay falls under the qualifications for compensation, then you can make a compensation request. It is definitely well worth looking into, because you can get 600 euros for a flight delay! You can visit sites like to learn more about it and they can help you get compensated as well.

Keep in mind that you might not always be eligible for flight compensation because there are specific reasons and details that has to happen. For instance, you need the flight to be delayed for more than 3 hours to get compensated. Additionally, the reason has to NOT be an extraordinary circumstance. An extraordinary circumstance is any reason that cannot be controlled by an airline or predicted and could potentially put the whole plane at risk. Since the reason for delay was safety, you cannot get compensation for that.

Catch Up on Your Interests

All that extra time you have from the flight delay can be put into good use. Since you probably should not nap since the plane could suddenly get undelayed, catching up on stuff you enjoy can be a good way to pass the time. For instance, you can find free WiFi to watch your favorite TV series or finally watch that movie you have been wanting to see. You can also read a new book or listen to an audio book and watch the time go by.

If you are using your devices, we recommend that you keep them charged before you board the plane. You can try finding a socket near a chair around the airport or go to the airport lounge to find a seat and socket there. It is a good idea to have power banks or portable chargers though that are fully charged before you board the plane, that way you will not have to worry about having battery while you are on the plane or waiting for your flight.

Getting a flight delay is troublesome, but thankfully you can get compensated for it and have other things to do while you wait for your flight to depart.